Hi i'm Ajacx,

Many of you who come here may already know me and are aware that I host on AnonUK Radio also known before as AnonUkIre Radio. I myself started hosting radio shows/broadcasts over 3 years ago on spreaker.com. Due to the fact that I didn't like what I was hearing on another persons web radio broadcasts. In 2015 We have Moved away from spreaker and upgraded the service we provide to our own site and radio server none of this would have ever been possible without the love and support of all hosts and everyone who tunes in

Thanks to the most Humble team of CyberGuerrilla Anonymous Nexus they are simply the cats whiskers, Bow to their greatness. I feel we have some of the most talented hosts within AnonUK Radio, who work very hard preparing and presenting their broadcasts. We have had some hosts that have been with us, but have left now to move on to what they need to do. Much love and peace to everyone who has, and will forever carry on, supporting AnonUK Radio.